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School Uniform


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School Requirements & Uniform

To be properly prepared for school, students need to be equipped with all necessary items, including school uniform.

Student Booklist, Equipment & Program Expenses

Each year the School Council determines the student booklist costing which will be $100.00 per child in 2014.  The student booklist covers the provision of the following materials and programs:



When borrowing library books the children are required to provide a library bag.  This may be a plastic or a cloth bag.  Each bag should have the child’s name and grade clearly labeled.


School Uniform

The Liddiard Road Primary School Council is committed to the wearing of school uniform or school colours by all students. Parents are asked to write their child's name clearly on articles of clothing & shoes to speed up the return of lost and misplaced articles.
You can download a copy of the uniform price list here.

School Uniform is compulsory. We have recently updated our school uniform, which now also includes rain proof line flying style jackets. The school sells the uniform at the best price we can so that we make no profit and simply cover costs. A display of the new uniform is set up just next to the main office in the new building.

Girls uniform consists of:

Maroon and white checked school dress for summer
Grey tunic for winter (optional) Maroon shorts
Maroon t-shirt, polo shirt or skivvy Maroon windcheater
Maroon track-pants Maroon bomber jackets
Maroon broad-brimmed hat

Boys uniform consists of:

Maroon track-pants Maroon wind-cheater
Maroon shorts Maroon t-shirt, polo shirt or skivvy
Grey trousers or shorts Maroon bomber jacket
Maroon broad-brimmed hat

Quality school bags in school colours also available.

Uniform Sales

Parent Club members are available for direct sales on:
Tuesday mornings between 8.45-9.15

You may also leave orders at the school office.


Appropriate footwear is most important for children to participate actively both in the playground and in our Physical Education Program. School shoes or sneakers are recommended.  If rubber gumboots are worn during winter, please ensure a change of footwear (slippers) is provided for classroom use. Thongs are not allowed for safety reasons.

Sun Smart

Our school implements a Sunsmart Policy that requires that hats be worn outside at all times during first and fourth terms.  Children not wearing hats will be restricted to a designated shaded location during recesses. Broad brimmed hats provide the best all around protection.

Replacement Clothing

At times children require a change of clothing at school.  As we often find it difficult to maintain adequate supply of replacement clothing, any donations of clean used garments would be greatly appreciated.  Sizes to fit years Prep – 3, as well as tracksuit pants for older children are most in demand.  If your child uses emergency clothing, please wash and return it to school as soon as possible.