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School Production

Art & Craft


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The Arts

The Arts provide all children with an opportunity to develop their creative talents through Music, Drama, Art & Craft, Dance and Choir.


School Production

The School Concert is an annual event at Liddiard Road Primary School. It’s held in the last week of term three and gives the children a wonderful opportunity to display their dance skills and have some fun. The performance usually ties in to school themes and programs and requires constant weekly rehearsals by students along with building of sets and construction of costumes.

Past School Concerts have included “Where’s Wally, Magic Movie Moments and Colour My World”. All of these have given parents the chance to see some of the fantastic dancing talent and the commitment and effort put in by both staff and students alike to put on entertaining concert that students will remember as one of those ‘unforgettable primary school moments’.


Click Here to see images from our School Concerts


Art & Craft

An Art/Craft Specialist Program utilises our craft room facility. Within this space students have the opportunity to experiment with a range of media and materials.

Music Program

The school provides a music program through classroom rotations, and features extensive resources.  Each year the school presents a variety of music items at the local eisteddfod, festivals and assemblies.  Children are provided with many musical opportunities, including the school choir and annual concert.

Instrumental Music Lessons

Private instrumental music lessons can be arranged through the school.  These lessons are held at the school during school time.  In addition the school has a part-time music teacher to encourage senior students to access instrumental lessons.

Cultural Visits

Cultural visits to the school are an extremely valuable way of exposing children to quality cultural experiences.  These performances usually compliment work completed in Art related subjects.  The cost of these visits is kept to a minimum to encourage all children to attend.