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Student Leadership

Student input and involvement in decision making is very important to us, as is having an active, enthusiastic group of students working together on specific goals or tasks.

Junior School Council and School Captains

The Junior School Council Members from each Year 3 – 6 class are elected to this position by their peers.

To ensure that we don’t have a popularity contest – students are selected based on their ability to meet certain criteria, such as the expectation that they attend fortnightly meetings, and report back to units/grades on current initiatives and issues.

The School Captains are elected by students from the senior unit after delivering a speech as to why they would be the best person for the position.

The Junior School Council will meet fortnightly to give students an opportunity to not only share views, but also have input into decision making. They also participate in leadership development sessions and are actively involved in the composition of lunchtime activities.

Every other fortnight the students will visit the Margery Cole nursing home. These visits have been successful in developing relationships, promoting social skills, and developing a sense of civic responsibility.